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  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

    Ambassador Mariangela Zappia, Permanent Representative

    Minister Massimo Ambrosetti, Deputy Permanent Representative

    First Counsellor Alessandro Gonzales, Head of Political Office

    First Counsellor Lorenzo Tomassoni, Head of Operation Office

    Counsellor Basilio Antonio Toth, Political Office

    Counsellor Luca Di Gianfrancesco, Operation Office

    Counsellor Leonardo Maria Costa, Political Office and Press Office

    Mr Michele Cavallo, First Secretary to the Permanent Representative

    • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

      Mr Boris Virili
      , Senior Executive of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
    • Ministry of Defence

      Major General Franco Marsiglia, Military Advisor

      Colonel Dario Missaglia, Head of Force Sustainment Office

      Colonel Filippo Troise, Head of Armament Office

      Captain Sebastiano Brancato, Head of Financial Affairs Office

      Colonel Maurizio Parri, Head of Military Policy Office

      Colonel Michele Vicari, Head of Force Planning Office

      Colonel Teodoro Milone (Carabinieri), Assistant Attaché for the Military Policy Boards in the field of Counterterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Legal Expert

      Colonel Alessandro Tassi, Assistant Attaché for NATO Resources

      Lieutenant Colonel Costantino La Selva, Assistant Attaché and Air Traffic Management Senior Officer

      Commander Stefano Pacchierotti, Assistant Attaché for Naval Armaments

      Commander Massimo Odeven, Assistant Attaché for the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Board (NATO C3B)

      Lieutenant Colonel Dimitri Santomaggio, Assistant Attaché for Air Armaments

      Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Romanelli, Assistant Attaché for Air Defense Programs and Projects

      Lieutenant Colonel Paolo Fanin, Assistant Attaché for the Military
      Policy Boards (Nuclear Planning and Operations / Exercises)

      Lieutenant Colonel Francesco Romano, Assistant Attaché for the Investment Committee